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Always in fresh atmosphere
during 100 years

The reason why MIZUNO BAG CO. LTD. have carried on business over 100 years
is because our attitude that keeps changing ourselves flexibly.
Always improving ourselves if there are any quality problems, useless cost, or delivery delay. 
We do manufacture bags with both fresh feeling all the time and experiences of many years.




In our opinion, safety the first. And the second, function as a bag, "to put things in and carry." We make it clear that these 2 points of quality shall be thoroughly shared with all staffs.



We are trying to realize good quality and appropriate price. To reduce useless cost is necessary for that purpose. We regularly perform work analysis and maintain optimum cost by improving operation.



We have our own facilities and distribution systems. That's why we can reply correctly for client's order, required quantity and desired delivery time. We are ready to respond to your request.


To realize high quality, efficiency and delivery that we've pursued,
MIZUNO BAG CO. LTD. built our own warehouse in 2007, and factory in 2012.

Product Factory in Vietnam

Product Factory in Vietnam

"nor manufacturing, or bringing in, or deliver"

"Not to make defectives, not to bring defectives in, not to deliver defectives" is a motto of our own product factory in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Under instruction by Japanese staff, in pursuit of quality and productivity, it is available to supply mass production for orders from major mega merchandising stores.

Defectives "nor manufacturing, or bringing in, or deliver"

  • Safety Management

    Safety Management

    It is difficult to find dangerous materials by inspection with a needle detector. Therefore, it's important to prevent dangerous materials mixture during procedure. So that, in our factory, to prevent unnecessary materials such as needles and knives from mixture, we make sure a total number of equipments, and to separate working places.
    ex) Action guide to carry out 5S methodology: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain

  • Sewing Ability

    Sewing Ability

    Sewing machine is the most important for sewing. Arrangement of sewing machine and sewing machine oil enables to finish with beautiful seam and to reduce loss of operation. We introduce the latest technology such as computer sewing machine, and also taking guidance by Japanese staff on regular basis.

  • Inspection


    We made rules of inspection procedure and its check sheet. It begins at primary inspection before parts arrive, through 6 phases of inspection till delivery from factory. In addition, lights at an inspection area is set to 1000 luxes so to find defectives and differences of color.

  • Productivity


    As for total floor of 2,138 square meters at our production factory in Vietnam, 340 workers, product capacity is available to supply a massive order.

Ensured Perfect Security

Perfect Security

Fingerprint authentication is adopted for access control
for the purpose of perfect security.

Distribution Warehouse in Nagoya

Distribution Warehouse in Nagoya

"What you want, when you want, volume you want,"
we provide just because we are a wholesaler.

MIZUNO BAG CO. LTD. are confident, as a wholesaler, for quality of distribution system.
We realize the capacity that can support speedy delivery and mass orders by improving work efficiency and stock keeping efficiency.

" What you want, when you want, volume you want, " we provide just because we are a wholesaler.

  • Ordering and order reception system and stock management

    Ordering and order reception system and stock management

    At Nagoya warehouse, we realize working affectivity to introduce the self- developed system to manage unitarily ordering and ordering reception, and stock information from 30 years ahead of the industry.

  • オペレーション


    Available to deliver at most approx. 8,000-10,000 volume at the same day after receiving order.
    This is the number that multiple technology enables, such as operation planning, by using self-developed system, suitable product line and layout by periodical work analysis.

  • Capacity


    Deferred floor space of Nagoya Distribution Warehouse is 2,596 square meters (total of a main building and a new building).
    In addition, we introduced racks which can adopt movable shelf board, to improve efficiency of stock keeping, and to realize capacity that can supply to order in large quantities.

  • Rapid Delivery

    Rapid Delivery

    Management of a stock keeping area, keeping condition, work flow so to respond immediately to client's requests. Own warehouse enables to supply flexibly.

Available to reply promptly and exactly because we are a wholesaler.

Available to reply promptly and
exactly because we are a wholesaler.

We are still making an effort to realize
suitable service in logistics.