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Power to face
the essence of bags

What is the essence of bags? "The function to carry things," is our answer.
The purpose of bags is changing according to times, and who carries what to where.
We have sincerely listened to clients' requests and social needs, and MIZUNO BAG CO. LTD.
provide products that have surely "function to carry things."

Specialist of bag manufacturer

Specialist of bag manufacturer

As a Manufacturer

MIZUNO BAG CO. LTD., with experience more than 100 years, we have an enormous knowledge about bags.
What factor is necessary when using bags comfortably in daily life? Corroboration of knowledge and technology by well-experienced experts enables to make 'Bags' that is really required.

Specialist of bag seller

Specialist of bag seller

As a Wholesaler

MIZUNO BAG CO. LTD. is originally a wholesaler. Being conscious of needs of market, and providing marketable products are our expertise. Also specifying standard so that customer may feel like to purchase. Reasonable price, a scene when bags are required, and so on..., we analyze every factor from different angles by highest fashion trend and past sale results. We provide salable bags at appropriate price and amount.


We can offer because it's us MIZUNO BAG CO. LTD.,
with both experiences as a wholesaler and a maker.

All possible efforts to make bags to be loved


All possible efforts
to make bags to be loved

Trying to catch up needs of different targets for each customer,
and offering product planning "for what kind of products, where, when or how much to sell."

  • Market Analysis

    Market Analysis

    Analysis the latest trend by collection of every season. Grasping, in addition, needs of market exactly from fashion tendency and using scene of the target.

  • Development of Product Concept

    Development of Product Concept

    Developing product concept on what kind of function, or design of bags are required by analysis of a market result.

  • Sales Plan

    Sales Plan

    We derive appropriate pricing and sales figure by past sales results, demand prediction data, and also by market analysis.

A fine Bag with Genuine Technology

Product Development

A fine Bag
with Genuine Technology

Well-experienced craftsman and our enormous knowledge accumulated for more than 100 years.
Both of them made it possible to create bags with high functionality.

  • Product Design

    Product Design

    Along product concept, our designer makes product images more specific design.

  • Design Detail

    Design Detail

    Functions and strength are set so to carry things. Then detailed items, such as materials, parts, sewing instructions, cost balance, are specified.

  • Product Schedule

    Product Schedule

    Toward mass production, we make a plan for procedure and product lines. Our own product factory enables us to cope rapidly even though an irregular situation occurs.

We provide after- sale services.

MIZUNO BAG CO. LTD., we will keep to work closely with bags till the end.
Just making and selling bags are not enough for us.
Our work will be completed at last when bags finish their functions.